Soft Top Surfboard Size Guide

Surfboards are primarily measured by length and volume. Different boards are suited for different riders and conditions.

Are you just getting started surfing? You’re going to want to go with a higher volume board that will be more buoyant and forgiving as you learn how to catch waves.

Are you a 6’8″ college basketball stand-out? Riding a shorter board is going to feel pretty awkward – choose a board with enough length to support your ride.

Choosing the Right Board

To pick out the right length and volume for your surfboard, you’re going to want to consider 4 key factors:

  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your skill level
  • Your typical surfing conditions

Rider Weight / Surfboard Volume Size Chart

In our opinion, you’re going to find the best ride by prioritizing your weight and the surfboard’s volume. Heavier riders will want a board with extra volume, as will beginners.

Use our handy size chart to find the best volume for you, and then head on over to our Buyer’s Guide to find the perfect board.

Surfboard Size Chart by Volume
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